Get Paid More

Dominic Connor at The Register:

You’re not getting paid as well as you should. I know this not only because you’re bothering to read this, but also because most techies are crap at extracting cash from their employers.

Whether you think this article is too cynical, or right on the money (pun totally intended), you should read this just for ideas on how to improve the way you look to the world.

Later at a status meeting one of my development managers said (and I quote) “… the server will die and we will be hunted down and killed like dogs”. Given that we were betting the firm on this system, it probably doesn’t shock you that the board member demanded I demote him.

Not a shock, but both sides need to get a clue here. If you’re going to employ people who have to solve complex problems and create something technical out of nothing every day, then you probably need to understand the mindset and sense of humor that goes with that skill. On the other hand, when there are people around who don’t think like you, don’t go saying things they won’t understand while they’re in the room. Especially when they control the cash flow.

If you don’t like that, figure out how to control your own cash flow.